11 thoughts on “New Home

  1. Ed Best Jr.

    Jack, “to the optimist: he turns failure into victory, never lets his courage fade. Why if he picks a lemon, he just makes lemonade.” From a plaque sold in the gift shop, Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, Virginia.

  2. tfarris

    It is always a pleasure to experience your well thought out and researched works. Your new blog post is an amazing example of why so many people appreciate what you and the last eleven at he MP did with that publication. Thanks for sharing your experience in such a creative and personal way. Best wishes to you and all of the MP staff whose work was a labor of love. I look forward to reading more.

  3. Leslie Wylie


    I am of course gutted about MP but never worried about you for a second — you’ve never had any difficulty keeping yourself busy and Knoxville will always welcome your words, wherever they surface, with open arms. Including but not limited to 4,000-word first blog posts (classic! tee-hee). My websites are run through WordPress so if you ever need any help on the technical end of things, just holler: wylie@horsenation.com. Also, I’m in line to buy you a beer next month.


  4. lml

    Horrible to think the MP is gone. It’s gonna hit me like a ton o bricks this Thursday when there isn’t a new MP to pick up. Waaaaaaaaaah, there’s not enough beer in Germany to console me. But thank you Jack for this blog you’re doing. It helps.

    A couple of weeks ago I threatened to recycle the 3 foot stack of old MP in our master bathroom “library.” Whoa Nelly, I’m happy I didn’t. There’s probably issues going back to the early 2000’s! We’ll enjoy reading those cover to cover now. And if there’s a particular issue you’d like to have, Jack, lemme know and I’ll dig for it.

    And I’ll buy you a beer, too.

  5. aewins

    All that you have written rings true, and particularly that the city can and will support an alternative weekly like the one you dedicated so much time to over the past 2 decades. I’ll be following you here, and wishing you enormous success, or at least a living.

  6. Fan-O-Jack-Neely

    Welcome to a new world! It’s time to re-invent yourself. Again. The smart phone is a good thing. Get an iphone, they work. You have a great talent and thank you for your writing!

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